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Meant to be...

Growing up, I counted the days between birthdays and holidays. The excitement and preparation for “the big days” drew me in.

As a graduate of graphic design and illustration, with a love for life’s celebrations and an obsession with paper, the creation of this

company was inevitable.

I have always had a love of paper. The colors, the textures, the endless possibilities for greatness that each piece presents.

I am a saver of cards, letters and beautiful invitations. I find them hard to let go of. Every so often, I look through them and

I am taken back to specific moments of my past. I treasure them for all they represent and all of the emotions they invoke.

Your paper choice and what you decide to print on it, both observes and preserves a moment in your life. It makes an impression

and leaves a lasting mark that can be recalled, years later, when it is pulled from that special place that holds the little treasures of

your life. They become written heirlooms, so the paper you choose should reflect their importance.

Once, during an art school critique, a professor commented that my hand embossed copper sign would be better if one of the

letters was “a breath to the left.” This has always stuck with me and it is the foundation on which my company is built

-perfection in every piece.

Respond if you please believes in combining superior service with unparalleled quality. Each product is held to the highest

standard of excellence. We believe that the perfect product is a result of a collaborative effort to ensure that the customer’s

vision is transformed into a product that we are all thrilled with. We look forward to meeting all of your stationery needs and

to exceeding your expectations.

From our Stationery Studio to our Signature Showcases, you can expect the personal touch and perfection we have become known for.

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